Rushing OnLine (Is it worth the rush to your PC after work?)

I rush through the holiday traffic with one goal in mind. I want to hit home before any-one-else for my daily online fix! Social Media here I come and I come in spades. Breathlessly I rush to open the side door. I check. Good! No-One-Else-Around. I rush to a keyboard that I somehow feel is part-n-parcel to my self-expression and expressions of my daily life. I’m sure all who personally (and others) who know me must be informed!!! How was my day? How was yours? I know!! Me too!

I’m off and running as fast as my fingertips allow. I know I should be smacked this side of nowhere for doing this but I can’t help myself. I use to pick up the telephone but this Internet which allows me to be personally impersonal is so appealing. I can chat without chatting. I can inform without being informed. I can . . . wait . . . [side door opens] . . . [I do love my family, honestly I do] . . . but, why do they feel the need to interrupt my gaming and chatting experience!

Super? You say you want super? It’s in the frig my dear, help yourself!

Are you the same?


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