Nix the Miles

I say nix the miles and just go for it!

As long as a person is within one and one half hours from me it should be zero problem to date him but it seems that men my age who are willing to talk on the phone are unwilling to get into their vehicle and drive an hour once a week to take me out. By the way, not to toot my own horn, but honestly … I am worth the drive!

I will turn 67 in a couple of weeks. I say this to make a point. That point is that I am well aware as we get up in years we tend to limit our driving to the daylight hours. I do. I do because I think others on the road might get a little upset at me. I mean, last time I ventured out after dark I nearly missed my turn because I could not see where the darn street was! I now wink at my grandson and tell him how big and brave he is to drive me after dark. I think he agrees . . . especially after his last trip after dark with Nana at the wheel. But, not all seniors suffer as I do. And even if they do, so what! Lots of day light hours in the day to take a nice lady to lunch so what’s the problem?

I think I may be up against it here thinking that it would be nice to have a special friend to go do things with. I love baseball and Dayton has a wonderful minor league team. I love to visit the farmers markets too and the area around Dayton has plenty to go to. I love to go to garage sales and last time I noticed they end (usually) by four or so in the afternoon. So, maybe – just maybe – the night driving for a feller living an hour away is not the issue. Maybe it is simply he is to lazy to make the effort. Maybe he just wants things easy easy easy and if dating takes to much effort on his part he is not willing. What ever the reason I am getting nowhere with this dating thing and I’m about to give it up completely!

Why bother with anyone who is unwilling to bother with a little drive.


2 thoughts on “Nix the Miles

    • Thank you for your comment, appreciated. I think all you need do is to subscribe to my blog to receive emails when I post, other wise just feel free to check back each Tuesday for the prior weeks work, if any. My main blog is elsewhere :) – meaning: this one is for ranting :) which I do with glee from time to time.

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