Pet-less at Home

RIP: Greta, Lacy, Zeke, and now Earl. One by one our loyal four-legged friends who brought us so much joy and humorous antics to laugh about have been taken away from us. Each, of course, after living a long long life to its fullest. In other words: These wonderful animals really had it good!

I do have many stories to recount but for fear of flooding my keyboard with tears (of joy and pain) I’ll hold off writing them for now.

The decision has been made to be fur-free for at least a couple years. This will leave me missing my digging partner in the garden. I’m not sure I can do this! When gardening season is in full swing I might have to break with this and do something drastically out of character and tell ‘the powers that be’ to mind their own business; I’m getting a Brindle Boxer! Female of course. One that will bark and drive the neighbors crazy, one that will dig :) and one that will keep my feet warm at night.


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