He had me at Hello….

“Shut-up, you had me at hello, you had me at hello.” (and, with that a bunch of nutty divorced women’s faith is restored)

“See, Harry – you come in here … and, (whisper) hate you Harry, I really hate you” ….. “I know.” ….. (tears/embrace and the world rights itself for a few moments until the credits run)

“If Mr. Thatcher admitted he was a daft prick then would you consider to reconsider?” (long pause) “Yes,I believe I would.” (ah, he had her at Hello, cheers! cameras flashing capturing gleaming smiles)

“I wanted it to be you so badly” (and NYC in the springtime never looked or felt so good)

I recalled these Sappy-Chick-Flick lines last week when reality v. denial played an all to familiar tune in my head.

Truthfully, lines like these, which seemed to be recalled with ease did help me decide……….to be brave and accept what was all to clear, after all…….

He had me at “Hello”


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