Let’s Get Serious (about the things I’d rather not have to do but do anyway)

Standing along side another even for a tree makes us stronger and more self-assured; it is after all the bond that keeps us moving forward.

I am reminded of the days when I thought I could do it all. Those days are long gone. In other words: I burned my super woman certificate. These days I run on a much more realistic option. In other words: I created a new certificate with a heading: I’ll get it done in due time, wait for it!

It has taken me nearly one month to unpack all the “rust & dust” items that we all hold so valuable and dear. All the books, all the magazines (for exactly why I keep them is a mystery), all the paintings and photographs that grace the walls. All reminders of a life lived and of a life worth living least we have no value left we can gaze along the long hallway to each bedroom and remember a summer’s day or special holiday shared with joy and laughter.

All these things that mean so much to me mean less unless shared with someone. Like the trees standing beside each other I stand with those I love, sharing and caring. It is what makes life’s journey so amazingly wonderful.

Of late I have been on a quest to remember the best about my life and let those I deeply like even love a little or a lot know how much I value them and how blessed I have been by them. Appreciation isn’t spoken very often at least not by me although I do appreciate so very much the friendships I have enjoyed over the years. Lately,one special someone reminded me how lacking I am to express appreciation. I think my heart is full of it but my mouth is dry of it when it counts! I blame this on my upbringing: strong women, women of the earth who fought alongside husbands, work in the fields alongside husbands, women who never spoke a word of discontent and who simply ‘dug in’ and got it done, I am sure at times with the loss of femininity; truth be told: I sometimes feel as though all my feminineness is so subdued I could put it into a thimble and still have room left.

But, standing beside someone else does make me stronger, the sum of the whole is stronger than it’s parts sort of thing; for this I am most grateful!


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