Winter continues ,,, with yet another snow :D

Winter continues ,,, with yet another snow :D

This morning the lawn is blanketed with snow; white lovely snow, For those of you who follow my at times oddly too personal blogging experience you already know of my love of snow. I am told it is beyond normal.

In fact, there is every reason to believe this love of snowy things slides right into the ‘obsessed’ realm of an Alice in Wonderland kind of like. Was this too strong a statement?

I like everything about snow. The snow blower: totally awesome machine; the snow shovel: feels wonderful in my hands and is one of the best work outs ever; snow-ice is refreshing and easy to make and better than any other frozen dessert but what is best is the sound of the snow makes when you step on it. I love that sound.

I never claimed NOT to be weird,

And, I am not the exception. I have friends who share this wintery love and write poems about the white fluff. Are you one of them? Won’t you join us? Yes? Delightful. We (I) accept you into our circle of wintery lovers of the cold crisp white fluffy stuff … SNOW.


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