open Valentines Day letter

Dear Someone,

I strongly feel that when the words “I love you” are exchanged certain expectations go with those words. Celebrating the holidays and special occasions together is one of those expectations.  

With you and I, of course, celebrating the holidays and special occasions would be limited to a telephone call and/or the mail (USPS or email) due to geographical distances.  I get this!

And, I totally get it that you do things differently. Honestly, I do. BUT I also know (1) you have ‘life’s experiences’ and (2) ‘relationship experiences’; and (3) you are an educated man, for Pete’s sake; and (4) you’ve been married! So, I feel sure you know the importance of valentines day and hopefully do not feel it is a gift for sex exchange but rather a sweet and heartfelt display of deeply held affection for ‘your someone’ special.

Someone special? Apparently, even after “all the loving words”, this is not descriptive of me! Apparently so or the night would NOT have fallen on valentine’s day with little notice from the man who spoke those words.

Based on the fact you did not take time to call me or to write or send flowers – which for a man professing such deep love would have been the normal action to take – I believe I can no longer take you seriously.

So I’m not.

Did someone disappoint you on this day of love? Did it change the way you thought of them? Leave a comment and tell me about it.


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