Being Nice In-Spite of yourself

Being Nice In-Spite of yourself

I’m not prone to being *ugly, so when I was jarred awake this morning by the heating & air conditioning repairman my usual smile appeared as I let him in, pajamas covered by a ‘grabbed’ wildly neon green sweater during my dash to the front door. Tousled hair. Not totally sure my lower partial-denture is in. Y’all get the picture.

This little cat is nasty-ugly. I am not. More accurately: I am the morning blight on my family since I wake up in a cheerful mood. I do not, nor have I ever suffered from a “don’t talk to me before the first cup of coffee” affliction. I have always considered this a good thing.

However, others might not. I am talking of those who want ‘quiet’ and ‘non-cheerfulness’ while they manage to wake themselves up. In other words, every other person (apparently) in the world except my mother and me.

Do you suffer from the this unhappy condition each morning? Or are you like me, happy to be alive and totally ready for the adventure of another day.

*ugly: a word used in Southern United States meaning: being mean-spirited or rude, displaying ill-tempered nastiness towards another; or as Granny use to say “he/she’s just plain old nasty-ugly”


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