Love Quotes


I have zero to add to this.

Well, OK, when have you known me not to have something to say?

Not long ago I was done with love romantic involvement.  I’d settled on a life of gardening, writing, quilting, writing, playing with the grandkids, writing and doing these solo without the company of man or the digging paws usually found by my side.  I was giving it all up!  Dogs and Man. Then it happened: He stood tall and cuddly cute and I totally fell in love with the Boxer next door.  He had me at first bark!

If this wasn’t enough of a jolt out of my settled in mode a remarkable man also had me at first bark so to speak. And he’s perfect.

They both are perfect!

Naturally, when I came across this love quote I could not resist posting it to my blog.  And now I have.


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