Love Separates Us While Remaining Joined

Love Separates Us While Remaining Joined

Watch. Listen. Wait. See. Birds in flight, Imagine yourself as a bird! Fluttering. Singing. Sharing a branch. Could theirs be love? Heads turned away. Possible! An argument, perhaps. Look. Look closely. Never to far away. Remaining Joined, if only a head would turn. I Love You Still. I’ll never be far away. I’ll never fly away. I’ll stay to turn my head, another day.

So, what does this picture say to you?

Note from the author: This is one of my first poems, written years and years ago during the process of my first divorce. I came across it a day ago, scribbled on a piece of torn shopping bag paper, of all things! I did not change anything – see the comma instead of a period between the words flight and Imagine. It was a time when I would have done this because I was not doing anything that used my common sense! You know how that is, right?

The day after I found this old poem I found the picture on the Internet. The two found each other in my mind and prompted this posting. It’s personal. I do not apologize for being so personal because, this is, after all, my personal blogging madness! LOL Here I have the freedom of discussing anything and everything. Nice gift to myself, Huh?


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