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For three days I put shovel to the land and pushed it in,
and pulled out small clumps of grass-topped dirt
and placed them in a pile, to close to the spot where I dug –
because my arms would not reach any further;

I dug a tiny bit at a time, and I dug a tiny bit each day.

On the third day of my struggle two large strong hands
took the shovel from my smaller less capable ones,
the strong hands took hold of the long handle with expert grip
and, truthfully, I was glad for the pulling away of that shovel;

Unlike mine, he had hands with strong arms attached, an attribute
that finished in twenty minutes what I worked on for three days;
he dug deeper and wider the trench that snaked around the small patio,
along the front and down one side made for the collection storm water,
thus disallowing flooding onto our lovely patio.

The thunderous rain came last night, as predicted; preceded by
bright neon flashes and vibrative cymbal clanking — an official announcement
of its treacherous arrival — they always announce a thunderstorm this way,
a warning to shore things up, especially things on and around my patio!

As the heavens opened and the invasion on my otherwise tranquil evening began,
which removed my attention from the book I was reading at the time, I wondered: would
the snaked trench do its job of collection and lay neat and sweet the downpour of rain
into its trenched belly and keep the patio dry?

The morning revealed it had indeed; it had sopped it all up and contained its swell so much
so that this morning the patio is to be enjoyed in a nicer state of affairs.

A small thing surly, but a not so small a thing in the grand scheme of things for a patio dweller.

COPYRIGHTS: M. L. Wehunt, (Live2Write2Live) for reprint permission.


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