True Love?

True Love?

Do you feel “True Love” has eluded you?

Perhaps the term “true love” needs to be re-evaluated. I am reminded of something my father said to me once. It was when his second wife, Marie, a lovely woman was buying some fresh produce at a road-side stand. Dad and I remained in the car. He turned to me and asked if I truly loved my husband to be. I said yes. And then he said something that I will never forget. “I didn’t love your Mama at first but I do love her now” He went on to say more. He’d wanted a wife. He’d wanted a good woman to be my mother. He’d wanted a partner he could trust and he did ‘like’ her an awful lot. And, best of all she’d always been a good friend to him and this he valued above all else. He went on to tell me how all these many years later he was truly in love with the woman who had taken him from debt to abundance. And, it wasn’t only appreciation he felt. He had, after many years, fallen deeply in love with his wife. Maybe this is the best way. Maybe it is not. They were together for nearly fifty-four years until her death in 2002.

So if you are feeling that true love has eluded you remember it is not all bells and rainbows all the time. In fact, it doesn’t matter how it begins. It only matters how it ends. And it matters a great deal what you think of the other person. It matters that you are friends as well as lovers.

So, take to heart the words written in the photograph above. IT is about as TRUE as it gets about that thing called: True Love.


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