Cookie the Little Penguin

Cookie the Little Penguin is at the Cincinnati Zoo Bird House in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA). An unnamed Guest Keeper shot this video of Cookie for her book research. I do wish I could give credit where credit is due and give you the Guest Keeper’s name but none was listed. But, this little darling is so adorable I wanted to post and share Cookie the Little Penguin with all of you.

Actually, Cookie makes me want to drive the few miles to the Zoo and donate some of my time there!

Years ago, like a zillion years (remember I’m an old lady!) I enjoyed working with some primates at the Los Angeles Zoo. Martha, an orangutan, was my favorite friend who I believed love me. She would come running every time she saw me. She was too cute for words. Those were the days!

Yes, I think I shall see about some work at Cincinnati Zoo. I’m sure they could always use the help, even welcome it.


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