This fence is amazing. I call it The Blow Out Fence. It is designed for a playground. It’s odd and weird and wonderful. The kid in me wants to go investigate and climb on it. (ostateminor.com — Tejofence by Tejo Remy)
This is a playground fence (ostateminor.com ) Tejofence it's called by Tejo Remy

Boy would I love to have this fence in my back yard but I have to be more practical – so moving on — something like this weaved (Hurdles) fence along the edges of my back yard would be nice to help with some privacy, although I do like to say hello to the neighbors who walk their dogs, this fence might interfere with that and it might put too much shade on my garden — so, again, moving on — I guess I’ll continue to deal with the chain length fence I’m dealing with (one like pictured here) and be happy to grow Morning Glories up it and Sunflowers along it. The neighbors can still see into the yard and they can still say hello and ask what I’m planting today or tell me that one of my mini American flags is tilted nearly to the ground which the woman down the street with the small dog is good at pointing out to me. Her dog always barks but the large German Shepherd never barks as he is old and past his barking prime. There are lots of other dogs and dog owners around the neighborhood and it would be a shame not to say hello as they walk past my fence.

Today it is again Garden-time; fun in the sun; weed-eater-whacker-time; sore hand time and dare I say it Child’s Play for me :) Digging in the dirt is one of my passions.


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