Breakfast at Tiffany & Co.

When Tiffany’s – New York celebrates its bicentennial in the year twenty thirty-nine I will turn ninety-two years of age and I’ll be there!

At some point during the year (2039) I will take my breakfast at Tiffany’s in Manhattan, abet outside their window display munching on – at ninety-two, hum – something soft like a hot steamy soft bagel.

I love those venders selling soft bagels with creamy cheese sauce; I mean, man, I love ’em.

I will bow my head and clasp my hands in homage to every woman’s birthright to own one item from Tiffany & Co. I had something! It cost $15.00 in 1960 but was lost in a house fire in 1989. I tell you, sadly, that this item was given to me by my mother on Christmas, 1961 and was a very special gift I would love to replace, but can’t.

But, at the age of 92, I can and will look through the windows and dream about the ring or box I would love to receive all wrapped up in a lovely blue box with ribbon inside a blue bag, mine to own.

Hint: I continue to wait for my mother’s ring; five stones, one Aquamarine/Bloodstone, one Emerald, two Opal/Tourmaline and one Topaz/Citrien with tiny clusters around or perhaps winding through the others for the grandchildren. I don’t want much do I? The ring will need to be a size 7.5 for my middle finger!


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