The Dixie Drive-In Theater is now Open!

The Dixie Drive-In Theater at 6201 North Dixie Drive in Vandalia (neighboring town of Dayton), Ohio opens this weekend.

All you need to do is tune the car radio to 103.3 FM and you’re set to listen to what’s being said on the big screen. This is more operator friendly than the bird blessed speakers used for audio when I was a kid.

If you think I’m kidding about the bird blessing(s) simply view closely the picture I’ve provided here. Proof — I’m not a fiber.

The fees are nominal.

$8 (13yrs. & up)
$1 (5yrs. – 12yrs.)
Under 5 FREE!

Which means most folks pay to get in instead of the old trick of crunching under a blanket in the back floorboard or not taking their lives seriously by hiding in the car boot, something only a poor and/or dysfunctional teenager might do.

By the time I was thirty ‘the powers that be’ were checking those trunks.

Given the fact that I pay the same to watch one movie whilst sitting in a crowded movie house, or better said whilst sitting near talking heads or a noisily popcorn muncher it is my desired preference to pay the eight dollars and go to the drive-in instead. Although, I must add the Danbarry Dollar Saver movie house in Huber Heights usually isn’t that packed and on a Tuesday I can get in for a whopping buck-fifty! I’m not sure how they stay in business but they have for years.

The Dixie only plays on Friday and Saturday evenings. Before the sea of movie going cars enter the grounds the Paris Flea Market venders need to exit in time for the grounds to be sweep clean for the movie goers, which they always do and do well.

Going to a Friday or Saturday night drive-in movie is by far one of my favorite things to do. I like that the movies are easily viewed from the comfort of my automobile. I like to sit in the back seat with my feet propped up on the lowered front seat-back for optimum comfort. I rarely go to the concession stand opting for my homemade extra buttered popcorn and a piled-high hoagie. Sweet tea in a jar. No candy, though — I’m sweet enough with out all that candy.

Actually – >>>

<<< – going to the drive-in movie theater is better than watching the Dragons at Fifth Third Field in downtown Dayton. And this is something I dearly love to do!


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