I am thrilled that my Daughter is a good cook

Not often enough do I tell her this: you are a good cook, dear child. And I should tell her often how much I appreciate her culinary skills, although I do tell her often how I love her and how amazing I think she is as a woman and as a daughter.  Somehow, simply saying “the dinner was good” falls short, totally short to express how much I appreciate her cooking.

She can turn one of my favorite foods — pasta — into heavenly food to die for not to mention sauted vegetables that melt in your mouth and so full of flavor you can’t stop eating one more bite.

So, I am saying it, publicly:  Lisa, you are one amazing cook and I thank you for your talents.  Please keep it coming!

— Just saying: when the apples doesn’t fall far from the tree — it sets a Mum’s heart singing a pretty snappy tune.


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