Tea, Coffee & Mornings

I love her attitude – don’t you?

Each morning I do something which some people may find a bit silly but for me it works fanatically and this is to stand in-front-of-my-mirror and tell myself how amazing I am —  I am a woman of exceptional attributes and merits and this will be a glorious day — and then I take a pee and get on with it.

Does this shock you?

I usually write for a couple hours but not always.  Sometimes I read or watch the news.  However, lately I have taken to  playing a few games of Mahjong Titans on the laptop because in some small way I am convinced this is as good as crossword puzzles to keep the mind sharp.   A mind, I might say I am quickly loosing.  (have Rx for mental drug to stay off mental loss (i.e. Donepezil HGI) so therefore I’m not sure when, but it will, be gone I’m told — just a little something to look forward to) 

Attitude is everything.  So is thinking outside the box, which is in-and-of-itself something I have always done, even as a child.  It drove my parents crazy.  I mean I always questioned everything.  Heaven help them when they did not have an acceptable answer.  Acceptable meant an answer that made sense to me.  

Soon enough in my morning I have tea or coffee with toast or fruit.  Nourishment.  And, I usually have these on the patio.  I’m an outside person even if it means bundling up!

I must say: all in all mornings for me are quite a bore — unless, of course, I’m writing something interesting or poetic that works well, at the moment.  

After a few hours my day really begins with the normal day to day things that brings much joy to others and I’m happy to do these things for them.  Truthfully, it gives much more to me than to them.  Audrey Hepburn, once said: ‘I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it.‘  I completely understand Ms. Hepburn’s point as  I am happiest in the service of others but I too crave affection.  Perhaps this stems from the loss of a parent as a young child, whatever it is I do have an enormous need for it and a terrible need to give it.  

This morning I was blessed — I am sharing, just a quick little share, if you don’t mind. 


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