Zeke Lives in my Heart

Zeke Lives in my Heart

Today as I worked in the 30’x40′ garden laying down soaked newspaper topped with 3-4″ of straw on all the paths I’ll walk on when I reap (with glee) what the garden produces later on in the growing season our neighbors dog Daisy – a delightful Boxer – kept me company, abet on the other side of the chain-link fence. I enjoyed talking with her. She is such a joy to have around. My thoughts went to our Zeke, our loyal & loving friend of many many years. We lost Zeke last year. He was very old and in pain so although his passing was difficult it was for the best. But, I do miss his help in the garden. He could dig so much more efficiently than I could. Of course, he could dig things up as easily as he could dig the hole to put the plant into. Still, I miss my buddy. I miss him so much.


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