And this is all I have to say today:

And this is all I have to say today:

This family of mine is wonderful, simply wonderful although some of us are a little touched in the head at times. It must be because I’m advancing in age to “as old as dirt” that I now notice little things that they do more than I use to but honestly “family” I’m not insane if I do the following:

1. Walk in the rain – it’s God’s bath water!
2. Jump on top of a shovel to push it down deeper in the soil – how do you expect me to get it down there?
3. Watch television and read at the same time – do I need to explain this to you when Wheel of Fortune is on?
4. Hum in the kitchen! I’m happy for Christ sake!

So, don’t think I have not noticed your rolled eyes and glances at each other simply because I can’t think of a word right that second or I change my thought in mid sentence because it happens when another thought presents itself to me and is, in fact, more important to say. So, please STOP your insanity immediately and remember ‘that here you go too at some future date’ and that I’m simply being me and being me is pretty darn terrific.

After all didn’t I promise you that I would lay my head down in a bed of turnip greens (in my garden) at one-hundred-two – and leave you the turnips but take with me the Daisies, my most trusted friends?


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