June 1, 2012 a Friday

It’s raining.  It’s windy.  It’s overcast.  Today’s weather feels like: North Carolina in mid-March (comes in like a lion; goes out like a lamb).  FYI: I lived in North Carolina for many years before moving to Ohio, ergo the reference to NC. 

Ohio’s summer will come soon enough so I suppose I should be happy to stay inside for a day and read that report – knock that Internet work out of the way – or lounge around like a normal person.  Instead my mind willed my body to go outside and say “What’s Up”  to the birds and plants in the garden.  So, earlier this morning while it was raining a little less I did exactly that.  I plopped my fanny down in one of the patio chairs and then propped my feet up on a three-quarter inflated bright yellow exercise ball (I found a good use for that ball after all) and from that distance video recorded birds digging for worms, bugs and borrowing my straw!  I have to admit two things: my cup of coffee tasted better and my mood changed from gloom to glad almost instantly.  

I was born and went through most of my formal education in the state of California.  June weather in California is sweaters in the morning and halter tops in the afternoon.  Oddly weird, huh? I am not sure about June weather in Ohio yet but the kids walking home from school are wearing shorts, tees and unzipped hooded sweatshirt jackets, if this gives you a clue as to Ohio June weather.  But then it is only the first day of June as I write this post.  This is my second year and second June in the glorious state of Ohio.  I do not mind living in Ohio although I do miss everything about the south.  Ohio is considered (1) a mid-western state and (2) my second choice of places to live.  

I base my choices of states to live in on where my grandchildren live.  

I have lived in several other states as well.  Mainly due to employment of my hubby or as a child under the rules and choices of parents and I have discovered one truth. In my case, it matters more who I am around than if the hills are brown or green.  Simply put: people out-trump places. 


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