Life Is (usually) Good . . .


refrigerator (Photo credit: stu_spivack)

Life Is Good – and then there are days like this when the refrigerator goes out and I’m transferring from the kitchen freezer to the garage freezer and packing ice chests as quickly as possible.  Mind you, it is not that I have one-hundred other things to do today but my original schedule did not include this chore.  My plate is full and today it is fuller. 

Which brings me to wonder: how long is cream cheese good when not refrigerated?  Two hours left in a bowl on the countertop for my cream cheese pie seems void of issues but how much longer will it last?  And, how about all the other items?  Can eggs once refrigerated be left out for a few hours and then stored in an ice-chest without issues?  I mean, we have about three dozed of the little gems.  It’s been years since I camped over the week-end and I have forgotten how long they remain good to use.  But, it is the cheeses that I am most worried about saving.  I like the cheeses.  I don’t like the eggs as much.  What can I say: I’m just a cheesy sort of gal.

We have three (count them three) ice cube trays and — yep! — this morning when checked the ice cubes were more liquidly than not so while I’m doing the transfer thing I am also doing the waiting on frozen ice cube thing.  Hurry-hurry-hurry up already!

I ended the cream cheese dilemma after a lunch of  crackers (Triscuit baked whole grain wheat with Dill, Sea Salt  Olive Oil) slathered with the cream cheese and a thin slice of cucumber on top.  Yummy.  Now, as far as The Laughing Cow Light (Creamy Swiss and Garlic & Herb) spread I find there are too many portions left to use up quickly.  This issue continues to worry me.  But, this will also be a non-issue as soon as the ice-cubes in the working (garage) freezer provides enough cubes to surround the ice-chests filled with condiments, fresh veggies, one rather large block of Cheddar, one rather small (remaining) wedge of Parmesan and three rounds of cheese spreads.  I’m just glad this is summer and the refrigerator, for the most part, is a place we keep dairy (save the occasional left-overs), condiments and little else.  If this happened in winter and I had to toss out even one slice of Prosciutto or Lasagna or one ounce of my fire-starter Chili — I would be what was in a total melt-down.


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