The Middle Ground


Words (Photo credit: sirwiseowl)

I Was Convinced It Was The Right Thing To Do:  So, after giving it as much thought as a mamma boll weevil fluttering about in a North Carolina cotton field — which is to say I didn’t give it much thought at all — I acted on pure instinct and I didn’t make a left turn nor did I make a right turn but instead I stayed steady and took the middle of the road.

I know what y’all are thinking (oh my Gosh, there she goes again talking about things like only a Southerner can talk about things; I don’t understand a word she is saying!) — and you do have my sympathy about this — but might I remind you that here I get to write it down like I talk it.  In other words: I get to take my shoes off and let my hair down, relax and let all worry fly away. Zero sheets of white typewriter paper float down to the hardwood planks on this floor (reference to Earnest Hemingway) as I gladly keep all the words as they pour out of me.

Sometimes taking the middle ground in a situation is the best thing to do.  You don’t need to give it a lot of thought when any action, any at all by you, would be a wrong action in the first place.  Best to keep out of it and keep your words to yourself.  I know over the years I made mountainous ranges of troubles for myself because of a relationship I was unwilling to end.  I know I survived these times just fine.  In fact I am a better person for living through those times.  So when I see one of my babies being of like-kind I know their unwillingness to end what surely will not survive is something I should not weigh in on even when asked.  No.  I’ll offer a willing ear and a loving arm but not so nary a ‘I thought so’ and surely not a ‘I told you so’ will come out of my mouth.  And, if tempted: I’ll remind myself that I’m also a good in-law to their better-half and this alone will keep my words quiet.

I will be supportive.  I will be tolerant.  I will be a good listener but a silent speaker.  I will be kind.  I will be the mother-in-law I wish I’d had. I will be of good cheer knowing that laughter and welcoming smiles, along with a nice cup of hot tea and home made biscuits make for a better visit anyway.



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