My Dad – My Rock

Fathers rock our world!

My father was my first love although Andrew Jackson might have argued this point.  Andy would carry my books home for me each afternoon during the year we were in the seventh grade which, of course, was the truest sign that he liked me.  We never held hands and the few times we met during the summer months between the 7th and 8th grades we actually didn’t talk very much. I remember those days with fondness and a smile. I did not know until years later that my father monitored my every move at those meetings.  My Dad, the Rock that guided me and my brothers through our growing up years was always at the ready to protect the people he held so dear.  

I see a lot of my Dad in  my own sons as I watch them with their young children, all daughters, and think to myself how much they are like their grandpa. And I think how wonderful it is that they are.  It’s a very good thing to be like the man who was my Daddy. 

Long passed on but not forgotten — Happy Father’s Day Daddy 


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