Death Is A Charmer

Death sweeps away ones woes with a beguiling performance;
It quickly transfixes us into motionless beings, it would seem.
I know we are dying all our lives while we live but when the end does come,
It seems to come swiftly to end the life we have enjoyed and it is totally shocking!

It is at these times we say such things as: only a moment more it seems so best come to say good-bye before it is to late. 
We come close and hunker around like bees around the field flowers blowing in the winds of time —
so hopeful to be noticed for our dutiful purpose;
This is such nonsense to my entire body that it smacks me like a bull-whip on a hot July afternoon.

To late? What happened to all the days of living.
Did you not say hello and good-bye during those days?
Did you not take the time to say: “I love you and I will miss you when you are gone from me” — or better still, did you not say:  “I think you bring me such sweet joy and happiness so, my darling friend, if you go first then I shall remember you forever and always for you have made my days delightful” —

Did you not speak such words to the ones you love? I bid you do;
I bid you do speak and speak often and fear not to say these things for they are indeed welcomed to the ears that ear them.




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