The Next 30 Years —

The Next Thirty Years —

 New England slopping hillside —

 Pine landscape with blue sky —

 Near a flora lined creek–

 Deep in the woods —

 A sandy beach to stroll along —

 Or the dry high desert —

 City or countryside — 

 Suburbs or quaint cottage — 

I simply can not decide where I wish to live out the next thirty years! 

Shall I be an ant on the pavement of Manhattan or
Shall I be a planter of Iris and Mums;
Shall I walk along a slow moving stream or
Shall I climb up along the footpaths made in red clay;
Shall I breath in the crisp mountain air or 
Shall my bare skin feel an ocean breeze;

Should I count on one hand my choices my fingers still would not tell my mind which it should be; 
Land or Sea
Clay or Sand
Crisp or Salt
Nor would I want it to for all I want is to dream of places I wish to be but remain where I am. 

(copyright material — republish with permission


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