Okay — Now I’m Charged UP!

Today I watched the program “Over 90 and Loving It” on Think TV (a public television station in the US) and it really charged me up!  

It made me think . . . 

This is me in 1946 and before I die I want my degree!

I have so many things in the hopper which reward me with emotional, physical, mental and spiritual balance that I am truly blessed. It’s true that I am one lucky gal but I must hold that thought for a second because the sad news is I have yet to complete the two things which are most important to me — my degree and my manuscript.  

I’m like the biological clock of a thirty-something childless woman in which the clock is ticking away — at least on these two very important things whilst I pay more attention to things like finishing the massive sized quilt for my daughter or merrily putting up a years supply of canned vegetables from my garden, both desirable of course but it is that degree and that manuscript I wish most to complete before I leave this earth.  So, why keep either one on the back burner any longer?  What am I waiting for?  

If a ninety year old woman can secure her Masters degree then I surly can do it at my age.  Or at least I can begin the process.  So, I shall . . .


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