2012 Garden at Blackshear Dr.

I wasn’t sure I could do it and was told as much.  The doomsayers said, “Why, in Huber Heights, Ohio you’ll never get a good garden out of that soil your first year” and then advised me how I needed to amend the soil for three years before I planted even one tiny tomato plant.  They said after three years, and only then, could I expect any crop at all!  Well, doomsayers I heard you and I fixed my soil and the proof is in the pudding’ Sugar!

Meet Mr. Beet

& Mr. (future) Pickle

& all the banana peppers (Of course they will be pickled!)

& some pretty awesome Zucchini (um, enough to freeze for a YEAR!)

& the Swiss Chard and flowers (marigold, daisy and zinnia)  that make the chard look smashing good

& this corn! (the Three Sisters actually, corn, squash and green beans planted in a grouping for optimum production of each)

Couldn’t have a great backyard garden in Huber? Really? Hate to say: I told you so but I TOLD YOU SO.  After all, it isn’t that I’m such a great gardener but folks I do know how to farm!  And, backyard farming is what I am doing :) and with results like this I am one content farmer.

I know this is nothing remarkable but hey Y’all I’m retired and have a ton of minutes on my hands to deal with each day…..what to do — what to do…..and need to fill those minutes with more than the boob-tube and the Internet.  So I farm, I write (shorts & poetry for profit :) actually) and I quilt (for fun) among other things which keeps me from blowing my brains out (no, I do not own a gun) or sinking myself under water (no, I don’t have a swimming pool) but mostly it keeps me from missing my Someone which I so wish to share a zucchini or other garden delight with and which would totally make my day, my evening, my life! But, oh well — I take my happiness in my garden of wonderful vegetables and flowers and tell myself: Woman, you are a great farmer!
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