As the Election Winds Blow Us into November

Somewhere between the reality of what I know to be true and a comic strip of populist publicity & media comedic slants lies the reason I should cast my vote this coming November — although the adds and late night comedians keep me entertained and the news keeps me up to date on current events it is the comic strips which I pay closest attention to.  Funny how the comic takes truth and bends it into something to chuckle at….but it is still truth! If you want to know what people are really thinking:::take a look at a comic strip!

Enjoy the laugh and (drum roll. please) as Jackie Gleason said: And away we go:  :::&:::  :::&:::    :::&:::  ::: & :::  ::: & :::  

If you are like me, your brain is in confused overload, politically speaking — However, having said this: I will bolt to the voting booth come November 2012 and check my boxes with the other Americans who want the best for this country.

I do wish Donald Duck was running though!  Donald Duck for President and Daffy Duck for the V.P. spot with Minnie Mouse for Secretary of State along with a cabinet filed with the greatness of characters like Mickey, Elmer and Popeye the Sailor Man.

What do you think?


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