Update on earlier post: Big Bottle of Wine and a Long Straw

Life: sometimes it is the art of taking you by the balls and dragging you along unwillingly with your eyes shut as you shout….What The Fuck, I wasn’t headed here and my neck isn’t attached to a leash!  Please — release-release-release — me.

The chain of events that led me to make the preceding statement is two fold:

  1. I received an email last week stating a few facts, one of which is that it is 18 months since I left Mountain View.  True, it has been that long and although I’m not one for looking backward, thanks for pointing this out to me, I think;
  2. Today I noticed someone had read an earlier post of mine “Big Bottle of Wine and a Long Straw” — writer’s curiosity made me read what I’d written — and it carried me back to December 2010 and all the feelings I had at that time.  Actually, while reading this post, I found that it shouted out to me–UpDate Me-Stupid! 

When I wrote Big Bottle of Wine and a Long Straw I did so as a ‘tongue -in-cheek’ piece but also wanted to high-five (so to speak) the beneficial aspects of wine. But, the real reason I was writing was because I wanted to be in Mountain View, inside a tiny one bedroom with someone I felt totally comfortable with and not where I was . . . the writing took on a mind of it’s own and the result was a post about wine. So be it. 

Today I view wine in a different light. And, it didn’t take me long to get here either. I mean wine is not the end-all or solution for what happened in Mountain View. 

Wine — a liquid made from crushed, stomped, bruised & abused grapes — does two things for me: 1. it gives amazing flavor to stews and sauces, particularly red gravy (spaghetti sauce) and 2. used as a marinade wine nicely breaks down tough beef  into something I can manage to eat.   You will notice both have nothing to do with drinking and everything to do with eating.  

Now and again I do enjoy a glass of red, which I decided I like the best but only an occasional glass.  But, the best thing I can update is the fact that after 18 months, after the drag and then the release of the leash I find myself a whole person again. Happy. Heathy. At Oneness with myself.  Time is a healer! Wine has nothing to do with it but it is good when friends come to call as long as it is served with cheese and fruit or cheesecake! 


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