Movie Review: The Lucky One

I had my Romantic-Comedy Fix tonight for the year.  Nicely directed by Scott Hicks — cast of believable characters and some twists (mostly anticipated) that kept the story moving along at a nice pace.  The big plus for me is this film had one beautiful German Shepherd dog called Zeus (in the film) that I fell in love with. I’m done. I’m happy.

That’s right I saw The Lucky One, the Nicholas Sparks book (of same title) made into a romantic film staring Zac Efron, Taylor Schiling and Blythe Danner.  And the music by Hal Lindes and Mark Isham was really good, y’all.  

If you are into such films you might want to take a peek at this one.  I enjoyed it.  I didn’t have to think too much.  It was nice and uncomplicated with enough bits to keep me happily setting in my seat. Then, anything with Blythe Danner in it usually is good. Over the years I have admired her work and her performance in this film (in my humble opinion) is one of her best. She is so believable in the roll, witty, smart, savvy, wise, and still thin!




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