The Paradox Of Our Age by the Dalai Lama

The Paradox Of Our Age by the Dalai Lama

I will let you ponder these *words of wisdom whilst you sip you tea or coffee . . .

Have a delightful morning or evening in your neck of the woods as I will here in mine. 

*apparently, according to two readers, one named Gwenne O’Leary and the other named Darla Carter, the true author of the text written in this posted picture is Bob Moorehead, who wrote it in a book, Words Aptly Spoken – how can I argue with two (2) fine folks out in cyber/blog land? Honestly, I have not verified this information but I do present the information here for you to check, if you are so inclined, I have so many things pressing me into the whelm of nothingness today to bother checking. Forgiveness is paramount to forgiving so beg your forgiveness for my lack of judgement in posting this picture in the first place. I do think the words are worth the effort, no matter who said it first.


5 thoughts on “The Paradox Of Our Age by the Dalai Lama

    • I can not correct for the picture posted is not mine! The author of this picture made the mistake therefore if you’d like to track down the author of this picture and bug him/her feel free to do so … this must be important to you as you have left me two messages on this so perhaps you are willing to fix the information written on this picture … fondly, Mary Lou

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