Independence Day (USA)

Independence Day, July 4th has been a federal holiday in the United States since 1941, so the July 4th backyard fireworks & barbecues have been part of my life from the get-go.  It is a huge part of my people, rural southerners, who carry the flag high and proud.  In fact, back to the mid-1700’s I can count on one hand the number of menfolk who did not serve in the military —  likewise I can count on two hands the number of menfolk who did not come home. So, we do tend to take days like this seriously but being as we are we also tend to have a ton of fun.
Tomorrow my family will arrive early for yard duty and to ready the barbecue (coals arranged just right and wood chips soaked) — put out a spread it will take a week to finish off — play yard games, drink beer, wine, iced-tea (southern sweet & unsweetened) and fresh lemonade  and we’ll tell stories passed down from generations which (truth be told) get better in the telling each year. We’ll hug and laugh, sing and dance a jig and play like a bunch of kids running wild under a hot July sun. This day of celebration is set aside for remembrances, true, but it is also set aside for a lot of enjoyment, a time to let our hard work stop for a day and to simply enjoy ourselves.
Here’s wishing that your 4th is as wonderful as mine is surely to be.

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