Squash Bugs!!!

When I spotted these guys on my squash I went into action (with 7 Dust) fully intending to wipe them out! My plants are beautiful and bountiful — and I’m not willing to share the fruits of my labor with these bugs.

So early this morning I spread the dust over the top of my squash, tomatoes and pepper plants and just for good measure I hit the green beans too.  Then I came back inside took off the rubber gloves and immediately rubbed the backside of my left hand across my right eye-lid — don’t ask why I was this stupid, please — and spent the next hour suffering the consequences. Am I really that sensitive? Apparently.  Then I thought: I hope those nasty squash bugs are as sensitive! I know, that is mean of me, one of God’s creatures deserves better from me but truthfully so do my squash plants so I thinking I’m forgiven :) for putting these nasty guys out of business.


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