Just Saying . . .

My Granny always said: “Use Your Noggin, Young-in!” 

When it comes to the L-word — L-O-V-E — sometimes, being kicked by the mule of desire, our noggin does not process things very well for us and it takes a few knocks to get the message in there that we are dealing with a bucket load of mess. Another person’s mess, this is, that you “might ought not want to deal with that” as my granny would say.

I know, just ask me about the last ten years and how many second chances I gave to my Someone to whom I would pull up stakes and follow into the arid farmlands of Egypt, if he’d asked.  Not that I’d ever want to live in Egypt, mind you. Texas? In a minute! Columbia? Less than a minute! 

So, the questions is: why do women do this? Why do we hang on against all odds that something will actually happen with the one man you would walk through fire, distance yourself from friends, and squeeze yourself into a size 8 for? 

When I discovered that I loved my Someone to the depths of my bone-marrow was approximately the moment all reasoning drained from my brain, he grew a lovely halo and all my intuition [a perfect word to use, by the way — intuition] grew wings and fluttered away.  

At some point you simply realize that Someone and Somethings will never change. And, this is when reasoning and intuition returns and you do begin to use your noggin for more than parting your ears.  This is when you take charge of your destiny and make your own miracles. Just Saying ;)


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