Sofa Dweller Friday


Awe — Friday :) — Glorious Friday. A day of finishing up ‘this & that’ around the house and reading for the week-end. Today, however, I have been rather a sofa-dweller of extraordinary talent for balancing a lap-top on my lap; with heels on the coffee table my lower body forms a perfect desk top ;) — this is the life!

The garden can wait (it’s raining out anyway) and the house? Well, it can wait! My duty as chief cook & bottle washer, care giver to the elderly, soft shoulder to the young, is on hold. I am taking a day for me.

Tomorrow, I may want to do double time around the track to make up for today but today I’m not thinking about that; today I’m thinking “Gosh, this is Heaven — and I’m thinking Movie & Popcorn, please :)”.


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