success — Success — SUCCESS

Success does not come by way of a straight line from point A to point B.  The road to success is perilous at best and looks more like a nail scrawling squiggly lines across your chart of well laid-out plans. There are downward spirals and upward spikes intermixed with circles of confusion whilst you figure it all out but in the end all the re-tweaking of plans, the re-grouping of thoughts is worth it. Success does not come to you as you walk along a path of rose peddles whistling happy tunes my friend. To be successful in most things you need a plan.

I am someone who flies more by the seat of my pants – I delight in spontaneity – more often than with a laid out plan but I do know that if I wish to be successful in some things I need to develop a plan of action. Gardening, for example needs a well thought out plan. Deciding what movie to see or what country road to travel on a Sunday afternoon drive does not.  For years I fought tooth and nail developing a plan of any sort but when I decided to be successful with my career I realized planning was the key to success.

If you have ever pruned a rose-bush you realize rather quickly you’ll deal with thorns. If you have ever harvested an Okra plant you learn about the need to wear arm and hand protection to avoid an itch that will drive you crazy! But, if you want Roses in a vase on your table and Okra in your soup you deal with rose-bush thorns and with those hairy protrusions on the Okra plant that deposits a substance on your skin that makes you itch. Success in life is no different – developing a plan is the key. 

The next element of success is to stay the course, keep the faith in yourself, in your plan and a willingness to endure the pain of rejection and self-doubt. Most of us live inside the comfort zone bubble but the folks who dare to step outside the bubble to dream of something more for themselves, are usually the folks who will eventually succeed. If you wish to be one of the few who smile at peers and parents as you make tracks along your well laid out success highway I wish you well on your journey.   


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