Waiting For A Miracle

Miracles do happen, or so I’m told, but I’m still waiting for mine and I’m an elder person with a lot to offer! Honest :O) Well, maybe not a lot. I mean I don’t have a car of my very own right now and apparently this makes a difference? I’m really laughing about this. In my day a gal didn’t need a car as long as the guy had one to pick you up in but it seems these days you need one so that you can drive half of the time, or something like that.  I don’t know, I’m new at this dating thing.  

The thing is: I thought I was done with this ‘dating thing’ and was perfectly happy with the way things were going with my Someone. I thought: No worries Mate. We are set until one of us kicks the bucket but until then we’ll be having us a grand old-time of it and loving every minute of a perfect life. Now, I find myself trying to date again. And, the process is rather comical and awkward. Nice goes only so far. Eventually he reaches for my hand and holds it! It is not my Someone’s hand so it feels strange to me (or my mental version of what my Someone’s hand would have felt like in the real world) and eventually he wants a hug or a kiss and my mind goes into overspill because, again, he is not my Someone!  

This is the state I am in as I wait for a miracle. Which brings me to want to light every candle in church and plead my case to the Virgin Mary to return my Someone to me where he belongs in the first place, honestly he does. I just know this with every fiber of my being because it all makes sense with my Someone. I can be totally me. Silly and Smart at the same time and he gets it! God Bless my Someone, he gets me and getting me is difficult and it takes time. 

Oh, Blessed Mary, I don’t want to do this again — please don’t make me. 


One thought on “Waiting For A Miracle

  1. Just happened to stumble across your blog by chance. While I am young, I can relate and find myself in the same boat as you. I know some time has passed since the post but all I can say is stay positive and hang in there. I hope things will/have gotten better. Ecclesiastes 3:11. God Bless ;D

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