Another Day at the Home Writers Den

Another Day at the Writers Den

After several weeks of using a No.2 pencil to scribe ‘nonsense’ within lines of a tablet I have decided that the laptop isn’t my enemy. The Internet, on the other hand, may be but not the laptop itself which is simply another writing implement at my disposal. After only one day back at the keyboard my fingers are in zero discomfort, which is awesome. Still, and even if, at the end of the day, using that No.2 pencil brought discomfort the experience also brought several lessons. The first: Mrs. Holly my sixth grade teacher would scold me for this but I’m telling you  it is OK to bite off the eraser of a No.2 pencil as to save the paper from it’s abuse! Thus making what I wrote more likely to live to fight another day. (I remind myself, the same principle is applicable to the backspace & delete keys) How else can I know what I wrote is worth keeping?

Have you ever wished you could find the words again? If you are like me I’m sure you have regrets in this area especially when you can not for the life of you remember one particular word or phrase you wrote and wish, that word, that phrase, back from the cobwebs in your mental cavity.

Another lesson is that I can trust the dust-bunnies under my bed never to hide my written words in places I can never access again. They will be there, tomorrow, next week or even in ten years as there is zero chance of a electronic device mishap. Ask me how I know this to be true and I’ll share with you the perils of a disk cleanup to save space on the hard drive and all the reasons why you never (I repeat) never hit something called the F10 key. I’m still paying for that one!

I think (to me) the most fascinating lesson learned is that with pencil put to paper I got a different joy during the writing process. A joy which is not limited only to words . . . making a sketch in the borders was not uncommon and quite enjoyable.  Instead of describing, say a bonnet, I drew one (the description can come later if I so chose to have one) with arrows and notes in the margins the page did look a little messy but somehow that got my creative juices flowing more than ever before.

The nicest thing about using that No.2 pencil is the least comical for my kids, though. Instead of finding Mum at two in the morning slumped over the keyboard with cup in hand they could find me in bed with pencil dropped. Not as funny a picture but better on my neck, for sure.


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