Just Be Yourself!

One afternoon in late June my gregarious daughter Lisa, then sixteen, accompanied me to the mall. The outfit she wore that day was a bold bright neon orange top under bold bright neon lime green overalls and her long dark hair was pulled up with a bright neon hot-pink  scarf tied in an extremely large bow. She had on multicolored sandals and carried a large straw purse with equally bright flowers on it. The lipstick was orange and the earrings dangled! I wanted her to walk a minimum of five feet in-front of or five feet behind me. But she refused to listen and walked beside me while flashing the biggest smile God ever gave a young girl to every admirer.

I’ll always remember this day and in retrospect I think this was a good day for her and for me as well. Thankfully her declaration of self-proclaimed-independence of parental rules was not as permanent as  a tattoo.  To this day I wish I’d taken a snapshot of her in that outfit– at least to share here  — my memory serves as my snapshot and the image is as clear as a bell and every time I recall that image I still chuckle.

Never, never ever, be afraid to — be original — it doesn’t mean you are not part of the crowd but that you are an exceptional member of the crowd.

Lisa grew into an amazing woman, wife, mother, spiritual being and I am blessed that she chose me to be her parent.


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