My Labor Day

You know, I think this just about sums up my Labor Day!

You know, I think this just about sums up my Labor Day!



















A squirrel entertained me this morning — without a care in the world she/he ran around the lawn looking for God knows what but stopped when some corn husks were found at the edge of the garden. Such a playful creature. It seems the birds have flown south already or perhaps they were hiding in the trees today because of the light rain. A shame, actually, I so enjoy watching them and as I have been much to ill lately to visit the patio for an early morning dose of nature’s fun and games, I was hoping to see some birds this morning when I did go outside for a few minutes. So, I settled for the squirrel and sipped a cup of coffee. My first cup of coffee in weeks! And, my last for some time as it didn’t agree with me. Darn! I love a good cup of coffee. But, apparently it is not for me, not yet anyway.

My ex-husband was born on Labor Day holiday weekend. It seems my entire family (with few exceptions) have been born on a holiday weekend. From now on I think the gestation period for human births needs to begin with this in mind to avoid any future holiday births. Like Maxine, I have odd opinions on odd subjects! It must be an age thing :)


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