And A Top of the Morning to You . . .

In today’s Post: It’s all about me . . . and a few other things of equal (maybe even interesting) mention: like morning rains, afternoon sunshine, fresh-cut grass and chickens.

Is it possible to begin a morning without coffee? Yes, of course it is but I wouldn’t recommend it. I love to prop my feet upon a large yellow exercise ball and relax in one of the patio chairs and sip a cup of Joe, say around six thirty AM while (it seems) the living on my street remains in blessed slumber. Oh, there are a few souls who are up that time of morning. I see one every weekday — shoulders hunched forward & smileless — headed for a parked car in the driveway that always looks as if it needs a good washing. I wonder: if the car was a bit shinier would his morning be a bit brighter. I think he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders but I don’t know this for sure.

Due to heavy rains the past few days the lawn is lush and green and growing like a weed. Saturday is lawn day but the grass was too wet to cut this morning and needed to wait until late afternoon when the sun dries it out a bit. I love the smell of fresh-cut grass but it doesn’t mix well with the smell of coffee so I guess it’s fine with me that Kevin cuts it later on this afternoon. If he cuts it at all. One never knows about these sort of things and I choose not to worry my pretty little head about them either. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love it cut but I know it will never get knee-deep before it is cut, so — No Worries. Besides, I have better things to worry about … like chickens!

I want about five or six chickens but it appears I am the only one wishing to have them. I make my case for having chickens to folks who — well, dash it! — don’t share my enthusiasm. I am holding my own on this one however. Just like I held my own on putting in my large vegetable/flower garden that everyone now loves being there.  I can’t promise that the chickens will be as great a success as the garden, but, at least I want a shot at it!  Trying to convince everyone that chickens are not as noisy as they think they are is an uphill battle. And, they do have benefits: they pick the yard clean of bugs, give eggs, and will follow you around the yard like little puppies which is kind of fun & cute but never need to come inside the house. I have the perfect place in the yard (out of neighbors site – out of harms way) to put some new friends and I’m afraid I’m going to have to stick to my guns on this one until I get me some chickens!

When you are retired and have little to do but to help others it’s nice to stay active in a garden or walking around the yard with your chickens. So says I.

One final word: Mornings are more wonderful with Someone Special — I’m sorry my Someone didn’t see it that way.


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