Hum — something to consider before . . .



If Nothing Else A Woman is Flexible: I spent years feeling guilty about throwing darts at an outline of my ex-husband I drew on our garage wall. I can still see the puzzled look on his face when I asked him to stand against the wall and then even a deeper puzzled look when I began to draw an outline his head with coloured chalk. I thanked him and as he turned to leave the garage (for the last time) he turned back with his puppy dog eyes waiting for ‘understanding and acceptance’ but instead of receiving any he watched in startled disbelief as I picked up a few darts from the workbench where he’d left them and tossed then one by one at the outline on the garage wall. I think his jaw dropped a little. Was this really the dear wife he knew? I patted my hands together as if dusting chalk off, turned and said: “thank you” then turned and walked back into the house. Pamela was in kindergarten and Lisa was in Second grade and at that moment in time I think if I knew for sure I would not have been charged with a crime I would have tossed those darts at his head, not at an outline of it.  I think he got the message loud and clear that his angel, if needed, knew how to ride a broomstick and right then I needed.  But, like I said earlier, I spent years feeling really awful about what I’d done. Justified or not justified it was a wrong thing to do. My wings were broken for sure and for certain but that experience made me feel foolish, childish and out of control, so much so that I never stooped that low again. 


When life hands you spoiled lemons remember they still can freshen a garbage disposal!


Something good always comes out of something bad. I am living proof that it does.  So, don’t despair and don’t pick up darts (for Pete’s Sake!) if someone you have trusted for many years disappoints. Wings mend, honest.  


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