Wishing Upon A Star?

Ha! Long long ago I had this friend who totally believed in the power of affirmations but as far as I could tell nothing ever happened despite all her efforts to write down “this-and-that” and place it beneath a lit candle. At least I think this was what she did … she may have chanted (lol) as well …. but with all her efforts I never witnessed any of her affirmations coming true. I think she finally gave it up around the time she graduated from college. I lost track of Ginger and have always wondered what became of her. The thing is: if you want something using common sense to obtain it works best . . . for instance, if I were to want to pass an exam I should study my fanny off for no written wish to do well placed under a lit candle (no matter how many hours the candle burns or how pretty the written words under it) if I do not do my part (study my fanny off) then I will not pass the exam….after all, the candle does not care. And that’s a fact!



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