Thankful Thursday





Today I am having a Thankful Thursday — and I think God must have something to do with it because——–


—– I know I am not perfect even if my mother seems to think I am but then she thinks so because I tend to do odd things for her that most daughters would roll their eyes over….to me she is worth the doing because she is a real sweetie at least 98% of the time :) and the other 2% … heck y’all, I just put her fanny right to bed! So, God still loves me (as does my Mum) even if 2% of the time I fall short myself.

—– God blesses beyond belief — why do I say this? Because, good things happen in Huber Heights, Ohio . . . trust me on this one: for example of all places in this massive country of ours (USA) you would never expect to run into someone who was once your neighbor in North Carolina three/four years ago. I mean maybe running into them in Cincinnati or Columbus or even Dayton or Cleveland (larger cities than Huber!) might happen once in a blue moon for .1% of the US population but to run into someone in a smallish town like Huber . . . well, the odds are stacked against you. As stacked as they are, this has happened twice, once to me and today once to my daughter. Both mine and my daughters was at a gas station while we were filling up. Now what are the odds of that? My awesome God does work in mysterious ways.

So, thank you God for all you do even if I may not always be worthy.


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