Fingernail art

f you can imagine it .... you can paint it!!! Art on your fingernails to celebrate a holiday ... this one is for Halloween but I can imagine red & green stripes for Christmas or swirls/dots/strips of pastels for Easter.  You're imagination rules at the nail salon (or in my case my personal salon space set up in my own home because I'm the cheep sort of gal when it comes to these things) ....

If you can imagine it …. you can have it! Have some totally fun fingernail art, that is, to celebrate a holiday and make yourself feel amazingly creative … this picture is Halloween nail art of course but can you imagine red & green slanted stripes for the Christmas season or swirls/dots/strips of pastels for Easter. You’re only limited by your imagination  ….


No, these are not my nails nor are they my fingers. My nails are long, rounded and natural and are at the ends of slender fingers that unfortunately due to arthritis now requires a 7.25 ring size (long gone is my size 6.5 ring finger) on the hand I wish had a nice wedding band to adorn it but that is another story and today I’m writing about being creative (with nail art) and adding a little sparkle to your life. Well, to your nails anyway.


Here are some other ones I found for Halloween, Christmas and Easter and just for fun that look easy enough to do yourself at your own home salon like I do (mainly because I’m penny wise & budget poor) and, after viewing the video I provided I think if you practice a few times you’ll find that it isn’t as hard as you might think. Give it a try and have some fun.


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