My apologies for the language in the above published picture produced by rotten-ecards (from a website which has some really raunchy but funny ecards, as well) as I know it is a bit more colorful than I post but, comically, it does sum up my life’s experience with a wishful Honey Do List. This actually made me do a little chuckle dance when I saw it.  On one hand I give myself a high-five and a pat on the back for being a handyman’s dream partner but on the other hand I do admit to having great appreciation when one of my sons do the work for me.  At the age I am — which is, as I have often written before is quickly heading to: As old as dirt — I have learned a few things about those Honey Do Lists! First, for all those simple jobs (i.e. hanging a small picture to a towel rack) I find it just as easy to pick up, for example, a hammer myself and get it done and (2) if your honey isn’t the handyman you thought he was it is really best to do it yourself.  Let’s face facts here gals, unless you are blessed to have a handyman hubby — like I was blessed a few years back with my second husband, it is easier to do it yourself, which does, truth be told, avoid unnecessary grumpiness, if you know what I mean (reference to first hubby).

As far as any hope for a new handyman at my house thus relieving me of the title — I always say: If I find a man who can take care of me better than I can take care of myself I’ll marry him!!! But the guy just won’t find my door and knock on it! Doesn’t HE know I live here???? I must place that add in the personals. I’ll get to it someday — but today a towel rack needs hanging in the laundry room and I already have a hammer in my hand — as in doing it myself.  


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