thoughts & ponders for October 3, 2012

No truer words have ever been written for I have been privileged in my non-privileged life. I have been every imaginable profession never attempted or desired by me — I have lived the lowest level of human existence and had gains of extraordinary achievement. I know increase in understanding of things I would never experience if not for the written word(s) of others. Through my reading(s) over the vast years of my experience I have learned much — for example: the sights and the smells of the Gulf and the coast of Maine, both places I fear I shall never actually know — I learned many things through imagination as the words unfolded, page by page. Which is better–to have lived one life in a simple state of daily ritual (church,  family, community) only known to you and the fewest around you or to have extended that life to many places, many dreams, many experiences because you dared to pick up a book–and read? Reading is knowledge.


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