so this is the real reason….

issue solved! … (only need to gain a few inches)

I’ve always known I would be fat when I was old. Why did I know this? Because my high school Latin teacher told my boyfriend Bob I would be, thus advising him to never marry me. That’s right. He said: “don’t marry her because she’ll be fat” — apparently this statement was based upon my arms. I mean how they were formed, something to do with the upper arm.  He was totally wrong! I did not get ‘fat’ until a misdiagnosis of Lupus (I wrote about this situation earlier this year) which, due to the prescribed medication did pack the weight on. But, know what? I love my grandma plump self. Anyway, what is fat? Fat is but the cushion around my fanny that allows for proper bounce if/when I fall on my keester.


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