save big bird!

Public Broadcasting Service

Public Broadcasting Service (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I decided not to be political on my blog — but — when it comes to 86ing Big Bird — I can not let this one go!!!

rant: Who in their right mind and in front of millions of Americans watching and listening to every word would 86 our beloved Big Bird? Millions of kids grew up with Big Bird teaching them the meaning of love and acceptance for friends and neighbors, even the grumpy one living in a trash can who was nearly unlovable, our lovely Big Bird found a reason to like him, to be his friend, and to accept him. The teaching moments of Big Bird gave a lot of kids many values from from early on which carried through in later years. PBS programs and Sesame Street in particular should receive some loyalty here.

I really do not think PBS is so dependent upon our government for funding that Big Bird will vanish from the airwaves because a-want-to-be-leader of the Free World declares, if elected, he will not to fund a television program. A ridiculous statement to make for sure and for certain  — and what a back lash (and deserved lashing) Mr. Romney is getting — anyone who thinks cutting a miniscule amount of funding to PBS will actually help the countries economic bottom line is full of NONSENSE and is someone who does not understand the meaning of the words Fund Raiser. We will not allow our beloved Yellow Bird to be 86ed, Mr. Romney.

I’m for Big Bird — and Obama. I wish to keep them both.

English: Big Bird's star on the Hollywood Walk...

English: Big Bird’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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2 thoughts on “save big bird!

  1. This country of the USA spend 47% of the world budget on defense. Why does a country live for war? We been based on war for a long time. I believe need to save Big Bird too. Less war, less government and more wisdom for leadership. A powerful blog.

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